Boy writes thank-you note to police officer for helping him find his bike

JENKS, Okla. - A playful day of bike riding came to a halt when Jonathan Rhinehart, 12, and his friend briefly stopped to play near a neighborhood pond in Oklahoma. 

When the pair returned to their bikes, the boys noticed they were missing. Shortly thereafter, however, the boys realized their bikes had been stolen.

Jenks Police Officer Thomas Johnson responded to the pond to help the boys find their bikes.

"At first, I was confused," said Rhinehart. "I didn't know what to believe."
Rhinehart found his bike, several days later.

"Officer Johnson is one of the nicest policemen I know," Rhinehart said. "He treated me like he knew me forever."

He was so touched by Johnson's compassion, however, that he took it upon himself to mail the officer a handwritten thank-you note that read:

Dear Officer Johnson,

Thank you so much for your kindness to help me find my bike. I couldn't have found it without you. I hope we can find Eathan's bike soon.

Kind regards,

The letter is turning heads at the Jenks Police Department, prompting Chief Cameron Arthur to commend Johnson for connecting with the boy.

"This is one of those moments that I'll probably remember for a long time," Johnson said. "This [note] will definitely stay with me and stay on my desk where I can see it every day."

Rhinehart says he will never forget Johnson's compassion.

"I really appreciate all the hard effort that he does to keep us safe," the boy said. "It's always good to know that someone is there to protect you."

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