Cat survived in wall of South Bend home hit by jet airplane

Zuul suffers injured leg, seems otherwise healthy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - A cat that belongs to a woman whose home was struck by a jet that crashed in South Bend survived inside a wall of the house, a construction worker said.

Harvey Jackson told WSBT-TV he was knocking down a wall in Patricia Kobalski's home Saturday when the cat jumped out from between two walls.

Jackson said he grabbed the cat so it wouldn't get hurt by a wrecking ball that was being used to demolish the house.

"It jumped out and jumped down the corner and I didn't want the wrecking ball to hit it, so I just stopped immediately to try to get down there and try to get it," Jackson told the TV station.

Jackson said the cat looked healthy, other than having an injured leg.

WSBT said the cat, named Zuul, had been missing since the plane crash Sunday that killed former Oklahoma quarterback Steve Davis, 60, and his friend, Wes Caves, 58.

Two other people on the plane and one person on the ground were injured.

Zuul was given to a neighbor and was taken to a veterinarian's clinic.

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