Celebrity cat from Indiana, Lil Bub, adored on ABC's 'The View'

Unique cat's social star still rising

INDIANAPOLIS - Remember Lil Bub? The adorable cat from Bloomington is more popular than ever and is continuing to make the rounds on social media and elsewhere.

Lil Bub appeared on ABC's "The View" on Tuesday, along with owner Mike Bridavsky.

Lil Bub weighs 4 pounds, has a rare bone condition that causes a deformity in her paws. She has six toes and her tongue is almost always out of her mouth because she never grew teeth.

For the span of her life, Lil Bub, 2, will be the size of a kitten.

Lil Bub is the main subject of "Lil Bub & Friendz," a smash hit at the Tribeca Film Festival. She was well-mannered as Bridavsky explained her condition.

"Her health issues aren't actually that serious. Internally, she's fine. Her organs work just fine," Bridavsky said. "Her bone condition makes it harder for her to walk."

All the appearances on YouTube, Facebook and other social media venues have made Lil Bub a star.

"A photo of her online just kind of went viral, spread all over the Internet," Bridavsky said. "Before we knew it, we were on 'Good Morning America.'"

Lil Bub's name came from when Bridavsky picked her up for the first time and said, 'Hey Bub," to her.

More: Lil Bub on Facebook  -- https://www.facebook.com/iambublog

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