Facebook post reunites daughter of man serving in Saudi Arabia with book he narrated

Viral post connects Quinn with book finder

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - Social media was harnessed for good over the weekend to reunite a little girl with the book her father in the Air Force narrated for her to keep her company while he's overseas.

Jenn Wilson and her friends contacted RTV6 on Friday after Wilson found the book, addressed to Quinn Paisley, at Potter's Bridge Park in Noblesville on Thursday.

After narrating the book, Quinn's father says, "I love you, and I miss you, Quinn."

Wilson made it her mission to find the book's owner and return it to her. Wilson's Facebook post about the book, and a follow-up posting on the RTV6 Facebook page was seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and it led the child's mother to contact Wilson.

"They are an Air Force family, and daddy is currently deployed in Saudi Arabia," Wilson wrote to RTV6. "He recorded this book for her before he went overseas."

Quinn and her mother live in Indiana, and they were at the park where the book was lost taking pictures of Quinn with the book to send to her father, Wilson said the girl's mother told her.

Wilson and Quinn's mother made contact, and the book was returned on Saturday.

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