Family throws surprise parade for couple's 70th anniversary

Couple has 16 great-grandchildren

SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. - One Shelby County couple was completely surprised when their family threw a parade in honor of their 70th wedding anniversary.

Ray, 89, and Irene, 88, Wilkins celebrated 70 years of marriage Saturday with some help from their loved ones.

The couple, who met in school in the 1930s, has three children, 5 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

The family was waiting with signs and balloons to surprise the long-time married couple.

“Surprise, surprise. Never dreamed about having a thing like this going on. We had our 50th, but that was 20 years ago,” Ray Wilkins said.

His wife shared similar sentiments.

“It was just awesome, but I can’t believe we’ve been married 70 years, it’s gone so fast,” Irene Wilkins said.

Their grandchildren said the couple inspires members of their family every day.

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