Franklin woman plans to run again despite leg paralysis

FRANKLIN, Ind. - A Franklin woman has set her sights on running again -- despite having severe paralysis in her leg.

Cindy Bantista’s story is inspiring others days before thousands of runners will line up for this year’s OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon.

Bantista loves to run, but she won't be lacing up this weekend. She wants to, but can't because of something she noticed last fall.

"I couldn't get the normal raise of my foot to just get off the floor," Bantista said.

Bantista developed a condition called foot drop -- a type of paralysis in her left leg. Her foot simply drags when she walks or tries to run.

For months Bantista was discouraged, fearing she would never run again, but that's where North Carolina runner Beth Deloria comes in.

Deloria has the same condition, and despite the paralysis, Deloria is thriving.

She ran dozens of half marathons last year by using a special leg brace made by New Jersey-based Allard USA.

In March, Deloria received a message from Bantista who had seen her blog. Deloria responded within minutes.

"When she talked about sobbing when she saw my story, it hit home to me," Deloria said.

The two agreed to meet up in Indianapolis as Deloria prepares to run the Mini. Even though Bantista won't be lacing up this weekend, she is excited and inspired to keep doing what she loves.

"I hope to be here next year," Bantista said.

Doctors said foot drop has many different causes such as multiple sclerosis, stroke or spinal cord injuries to name a few.

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