Good Samaritans give car to crime victim

INDIANAPOLIS - On Friday, RTV6 brought you the story of Shaun Matheny, whose car was destroyed when Spring Mill robbery suspect Taiwan Lundy jumped onto it from an apartment window while attempting to escape police. After seeing our report, an RTV6 viewer and his wife felt compelled to action.

Kolin Newson and his wife decided that a car they'd intended to put up for sale would be better off with Matheny.

"I feel great," Newson said. "There's nothing in the world that gives you the feeling of being able to help somebody. My mother always raised me to if you can help somebody to help them. People my whole life have helped me numerous times and it's humbling experience but … it makes it all that much better."

Matheny said he's glad his family will have a car to take their infant son to pediatrician appointments, and that they're looking forward to visiting relatives for the holidays.

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