Hoosier baby shares birthday with royal baby

Family shares other royal connection

INDIANAPOLIS - The excitement of the royal birth was resonating throughout the world Monday, but Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were not the only proud parents of a new baby boy.

Chad and Ashley Kinner were the new proud parents of a baby boy named Beckett who was born at 11:36 a.m. on Monday.

Beckett Kinner is the couple’s first child and a bundle of joy.

The Indianapolis family has no royal ties, but they did find more common with the English royalty.

Aside from Beckett Kinner sharing the same birthday as the future heir to the throne, Chad Kinner had another connection.

“My sister and I are twins and we share the same birth date as Prince Charles,” Chad Kinner said.

Beckett Kinner weighed 8 and a half pounds when he was born, which was just a few ounces heavier than the royal baby.

Ashley Kinner said after the royal baby announcement, texts from her friends and family started pouring in.

“People are now calling him Prince Beckett,” she said. “We’ll treat him like royalty.”

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