IMPD officers honored during Pacers game

Both received award for protecting children

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis officer who uses money from his own pocket to protect the city was honored for his great work during the Pacers game Monday night.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Detective Sgt. William Carter received the Indiana Heroes Award for all the work he does to help find children.

Years ago, Carter purchased his own bloodhound, named Grace, and trained her to find lost people, specifically kids.

"She's been very successful. January of 2013 there was a 3-month-old baby who was taken from the central library downtown and she tracked to the building where the individual had taken the child and was actually hiding inside the building," Carter said.

Thanks to Grace, the young father was arrested and the baby was safely returned to her mother.

Grace was called into service more than 20 times in the past year.

Grace doesn't cost IMPD any money because Carter uses his own time and money for her training and recertification every year.

Officer Kimberly Kelsay also received the Indiana Heroes Award on Monday for the work she does to help protect children.

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