Ind. family opens up home to stranded travelers

6 people trapped on snowy road during storm

PORTER COUNTY, Ind. - A northwest Indiana family opened up their home to six strangers who found themselves stranded during the height of the snowstorm.

Chris Birky lives near State Road 8 in Porter County. When he saw that traffic had come to a stop because the road was packed with snow, he came to the rescue of six strangers.

Birky got into his tractor and plowed through the snow to reach the travelers.

"We had no idea where we were walking into, what we were walking into. And as soon as they opened the door and we saw these four beautiful children, it just melted my heart and I knew we were going to be OK," stranded traveler Claudia Garcia said.

Birky said he had no doubts about helping the strangers.

"We just feel like it's what you do. I mean, you know, God tells us to love one another and that's what we believe. If we wouldn't have been afraid and not done anything, we would have really missed the opportunity to really meet these six great people that we got to know," Birky said.

The six strangers stayed with the Birkys on Sunday and Monday night. They were finally able to get out to a main road Tuesday morning.

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