Ind. great-grandmother inspires on Instagram

Great-grandson created account to share journey

One teen is inspiring thousands of people with his Instagram account that follows his great-grandmother as she fights cancer.

Betty Simpson, 80, is from southern Indiana. Her 18-year-old great-grandson, Zach Belden, set up the account just days after she received her cancer diagnosis to celebrate her life and record her ongoing battle with the disease, ABC News reported.

Simpson now has more than 45,000 people following her journey.

"He loves me so much, that’s why he did it. He doesn’t want to lose me and he’s just good to me," Simpson said of her great-grandson. "I didn’t even know he was doing this."

Zach says he likes to post pictures of Simpson when she’s relaxing and enjoying the simple moments of life or videos where she talks about what’s most important in life.

Simpson has even gained followers like Pharrell Williams after a video was posted of her dancing to his hit song "Happy."

Check out the inspiring Instagram account grandmabetty33 to follow Simpson’s journey.

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