Indiana woman makes history by qualifying for Marine Corp infantry training

VEVAY, Ind. - Kassi Woodward, an average 19-year-old who enjoys hunting and fishing, has made Indiana history.

Woodward, from Vevay, is the first Indiana woman to be accepted into infantry training in the United States Marines.

The U.S. Marine Corps began to allow enlisted women to participate in basic infantry training this past fall as part of research conducted by the Department of Defense to determine which women are fit for what type of personnel.

Woodward is one of few females accepted into the program so far.

Kassi's father, Scott, was a Marine. Her family said she's a "daddy's girl" and wanted to join the Marines just like her dad.

"I wanted to be the first girl in the family to join the Marine Corp," Kassi said.

During Kassi's bootcamp, she wrote to her father saying that she wanted to qualify for infantry. But, her father had reservations.

"When she asked me that,  you know, the only thing I could tell her was of course," Scott said.

Scott's knowledge of the Marine life collided with his love for his daughter, but at the end of the day, he says he supports anything she wants to do.

Kassie was recognized by the Statehouse on Tuesday morning with a small ceremony, honoring her accomplishment.

The Marine Corps Times reported that government officials will make an "informed recommendation" by 2016 on whether the infantry and reconnaissance communities will be fully open to women. 

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