Indy dog gets new life, home in Canada

Dog was set to be euthanized at IACC

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis dog that was set to be put down is getting a second chance at life – and a new home – in a new country.

Brad Keefe and his wife fell in love with the 130-pound dog with a torn ACL. The couple has a large farm in Canada. They have a passion for rescuing old, sick and unwanted dogs.

Keefe arrived in Indianapolis on Tuesday to pick up the pooch and take him home.

He urged people to adopt dogs instead of buying them from breeders.

"The number of dogs killed every year for no reason, it's unconscionable. So just go to your local shelter," Keefe said.

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control officials said they were going to have to euthanize the dog because they didn’t have the money for an expensive ACL surgery.

The Keefes paid all of the costs for the dog’s travel and surgeries.

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