Indy mom's cookies land role in 'Supermarket Superstar' reality competition

Smoogy Cookies could be launched nationwide

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis mother who was down on her luck used an old family recipe to turn her misfortune into the opportunity of a lifetime.

Tekisha Collins' kitchen unexpectedly became her home office and she now has the chance to win big.

“In 2009 I was laid off from my job and so I was trying to figure out how to supplement income and kind of take my destiny into my own hands," Collins said.

She had put a new twist on a decades-old family recipe that was always a big hit at family gatherings.

"My family, they would rather see my cookies come than me," Collins joked.

Collins decided to start selling the cookies and made her own small business, with only a few orders at first, but it was her young son who gave the treat its unusual name.

"As I was making some and finishing up, he was licking the bowl and the spoon and all you heard was 'Smoogy, Smoogy' and we were like, 'What?' And he kept saying 'Smoogy,'" Collins said.

The Smoogy creation wound up creating the opportunity of a lifetime.

The frozen cookies with a secret cream filling landed her a spot on the Lifetime reality show “Supermarket Superstar.” Collins won the baked goods round on episode four.

"I went up against two other contestants from California, and the Indianapolis girl won!" Collins said.

Only three of the winning contestants from the nine episodes will be called to the finals. 

Collins said that call would heat up her business of making the frozen treats beyond her sweetest dreams.

"To get a product in grocery stores, that is like getting drafted in the NBA," Collins said of the potential outcome.

Collins has already won $20,000, plus an additional $100,000 to help with her product-development plan.

She has already designed her own packaging, and if she wins it all, her cookies will be launched on store shelves at A&P Supermarkets across the county.

Collins is waiting for the call to the final round. The finale of the show airs September 26 on Lifetime.

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