IU law student golfs across America for local student scholarships

Tuition can be $12K per year at private school

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indiana man started a journey to golf across America in May, all with the hope to raise money for local student scholarships.

After thousands of swings, Indiana University law student Luke Bielawski has made his way across five states so far.

Bielawski’s lofty goal and difficult task began 71 days ago on the California coast.

He is counting every stroke and every drop until he reaches the South Carolina shore in mid-August.

Bielawski’s journey has a purpose of raising $100,000 to send 12 underprivileged Indianapolis kids to Providence Cristo Rey, a private local preparatory school.

Tuition at the school is about $12,000 per year, which is too much for some prospective students.

“It was a fantastic idea, one of which I’ve never heard to occur, so I was thrilled about it,” said Joseph Heidt, Providence Cristo Rey President.

From the orange groves to the southwest sagebrush, the Cathedral High School graduate has gotten used to hitting from the rough.

"There have been some interesting lies, uh park benches, you know, just basically anything you can imagine. Some require a putter, some require a wedge, some require a full iron to get out of,"  Bielawski said.

Bielawski has 80 clubs, five pairs of shoes and an almost countless supply of golf balls loaded into his camper.

“Looking at the updated statistics right now, I’ve lost 4,136 golf balls,” he said.

He was in Mississippi on Tuesday, and was currently shooting a 32,448, about 4,000 strokes from the cross country course par.

Along the way, welcome signs and photo opportunities have turned into memories that will last a lifetime.

“A simple golf outing just won’t do it. To raise enough money to provide 12 scholarships needed to have something very unique,” Bielawski said.

Bielawski was nearly halfway to his $100,000 fundraising goal. He said he plans to reach the eastern shore by Aug. 17.

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