Lebanon brothers help save elderly neighbor

Neighbor fell in driveway during frigid temps

LEBANON, Ind. - Three Boone County brothers are being called heroes, but they insist they were just in the right place at the right time.

Last week, Ammon, Dallin and Jeremy Law took out the trash when their mother asked them to.

"Usually there is some procrastination and our trash man doesn't come until 2 o’ clock in the afternoon, so that's when I would expect them to do it," mom Becky Law said.

Temperatures were barely in the single digits when the boys walked out and saw their elderly neighbor, Joyce, had fallen.

They ran over but didn't move her, worried it would do more harm than good. They put a piece of cardboard under her to get her off the snow.

One grabbed blankets, while the other got a hat and hand warmers to keep Joyce warm.

The brothers then called 911. The ambulance came not too long after and Joyce ended up being just fine.

Ammon was working on his public speaking merit badge for the Boy Scouts of America. His scoutmaster nominated him for a national heroism award.

"You work with them and sometimes you think are they really listening and then you see them respond and do something like this you know ok they do listen they actually get it," Scoutmaster Bob Vernon said.

Several nice notes have come for the boys in the mail, including one from Joyce that perhaps meant the most.

"Your response and the care you gave to me… will never be forgotten," her letter to the brothers read.

The brother said anyone else would have done the same thing, but they just happened to be there at the right time.

"I was very proud of them and it was just kind of overwhelming the support we've gotten from the community," Becky Law said.

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