Madison County Korean War vet awarded home makeover

Volunteers paint, build handicap ramps

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. - A Korean War veteran and his wife received some much-needed help on their six-decade-old home Thursday.

Their home was in serious need of repair until volunteers helped the elderly Madison County couple out.

Cliff Craig, 81, and his wife Patricia raised three children in the home built nearly 60 years ago, but now, with Craig’s declining health, the home wasn’t good enough.

Craig is legally blind. He trips on the stairs, slips in the bathroom and two years ago, part of the roof caved it.

"It's just wonderful how much help you can get when you're down and out," Patricia Craig said.

Help came when their at-home nurse pitched their plight to the Home Depot Foundation, a group that focuses on the needs of veterans.

Craig’s time as a cook in the Korean War qualified him for the help, and now his house is getting a $25,000 renovation.

"A lot of the house was unfinished inside and so we wanted to finish that and paint. Obviously the front entrance, the ramp to get up to the front door is a big need," said Matt Rice with the Home Depot Foundation.

The volunteer team also fixed some electrical issues and installed central air.

"I'm just overwhelmed. My dreams have come true for getting the home fixed," Patricia Craig said.

And while Patricia Craig can see the progress, her husband can hear it and feel it.

"I'm so excited I'm actually speechless. I'm really thankful for it,” Craig said.

The project is part of a two-month Home Depot initiative to remember and take care of veterans across the country.

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