McDonald's holds birthday party for 103-year-old regular customer

Harry Vorhis shares longevity secrets

INDIANAPOLIS - Where's the best place to spend your 103rd birthday? For an Indianapolis man, it's at the McDonald's on 16th and Meridian streets.

Harry Vorhis has been a regular at the McDonald's for many years now. Friends, family and local officials attended his birthday party at the restaurant Friday morning.

What's Vorhis' secret to longevity?

"Keep your nose out of other people's business. Tend to your own," he said. "You'll live a long time."

Vorhis thanked "the good Lord up above," for his many years.

"He put it on me, and I'm going to take it," he said.

Vorhis is still very cogent and a bit feisty in his elder years. Photojournalist Shea Goodpaster thought he was 102, and Vorhis made sure to correct him.

"I'm 103. You're trying to take one away from me," he said with a chuckle.

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