Neighbors help injured man chop, distribute firewood

Owner of firewood business hospitalized

BOWLING GREEN, Ind. - Dozens of people in Clay County came together over the weekend to help a friend in need.

Aaron Kinser, the owner of Aaron’s Firewood, injured his back while on the job last week.

Friends said even when Kinser was in extreme pain in the hospital, he was concerned about how his customers would get their supplies of firewood.

A group of volunteers got a list of his customers and rolled up their sleeves to lend a helping hand by chopping and distributing firewood.

"I feel that's the way it should be. But, today, everybody's so busy, they've all got their own things to do, and sometimes lose touch with that. This is an eye-opener," friend Greg Jordan said.

With all of the extra hands, the work went quickly. Kinser is in rehab following his surgery.

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