Noblesville boy, 12, honored with 911 Hero Award for helping save his dad's life

Cameron Harris called for help when his dad seized

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - A 12-year-old boy was given a "911 Hero Award" Wednesday for his actions that saved his dad's life.

Cameron Harris was hunting in the middle of the woods with Wabash County with his father back in January when his dad -- Randy Harris -- started having a seizure.

Cameron Harris called 911 and, despite being unfamiliar with the area, remembered seeing a check-in station and was able to give the dispatcher enough information to send help.

"It was tense and I was scared because I couldn't find his phone and then I finally found it," Cameron Harris said. "It was scary because he kept trying to move around and I didn't want him to wind up hurting himself so I tried to keep him down."

Cameron Harris got to meet Amy Goodman-Meyer, the dispatcher who took his call.

"He was great, he answered all my questions. He stayed on the phone, which sometimes with kids is hard to do," Goodman-Meyer said. "A lot of times, though, children are our best source of information. They stay calm in an emergency where adults might not."

Goodman-Meyer doesn't think she'll forget getting Cameron's call.

"The fact that he stayed so calm and reassured his dad while he was in the seizure and coming out of the seizure was just excellent," she said. "It was just the most memorable call I've taken in 14 years."

Today, Randy Harris is doing just fine.

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