Panda cams down: What critters to watch live now

The National Zoo's beloved panda cams went dark due to the government shutdown leaving fans to wonder what to watch in its place.

"The cams (incl. the panda cams) require federal resources, especially staff, to run. They have not been deemed essential during a #shutdown," the National Zoo tweeted on Monday.

With an unconfirmed date as to when the panda cams will be available again, here are a few other critters you can watch on live camera:

Condors at the San Diego Zoo

Koalas at the San Diego Zoo

Lorikeets at the Columbus Zoo

Grizzly bears at the Woodland Park Zoo

Blacktip reef sharks at the National Aquarium

Penguins at SeaWorld

Sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Octopuses at the Hatfield Marine Science Center


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