Prince yearbook photo: Portage High School therapy dog gets in the yearbook, goes viral

PORTAGE, Ind. - A furry Indiana high school graduate was honored this week and is getting national attention for his work.

To celebrate Prince, a golden retriever who works as a therapy dog in the guidance office at Portage High School, the school made him a member of the graduating class.

Prince retired this year, and as a parting gift, the 9-year-old had a professional photo taken and published in the class of 2013's yearbook.

"This was a nice way to say goodbye to Prince," Melissa Deavers-Lowie, Portage High School's yearbook adviser told Yahoo News. "Parents and students thought it was so cute and funny. And on Sunday, he'll lead the graduating class of 2013 onto the football field for the ceremony."

According to Prince's public Facebook page , which has more than 4,000 followers, he was bred by Lutheran Church Charities for the purpose of comforting students when they are in need.

Yahoo reports Prince has worked a 9-5 gig for the past 4 and a half years. Every day, he rides to school with guidance councilor Tim Kunstek and spends his morning greeting students as they arrive at school.

He also sits in on counseling sessions with Kunstek and his students, and patrols the hallways, making sure kids are going to class, Yahoo reports.

During lunch, he hangs out in the cafeteria.

“Kids would sit on the floor and feed him Tater Tots and other treats, but he started gaining weight, so we’ve scaled back on that,” Kunstek told Yahoo.

After being added to the yearbook, Prince's photo has gone viral.

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