Purdue dropout performs acts of random kindness across US

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INDIANAPOLIS - An Indiana resident dropped out of college after his freshman year because he felt a greater calling. He decided he wanted to create an epidemic of kindness across America.

Alex Radelich was sitting in his dorm room at Purdue University when he was unexpectedly inspired.

"I was watching 'Evan All Mighty,’ one of the cheesiest movies to be inspired by. But at the end there's a scene where Morgan Freeman is playing God and he says, 'How do we change the world? With one act of random kindness at a time.' And for some reason at that exact time, it just took ahold of my heart, like ARK, this is Acts of Random Kindness, this is something that can change America and change the world," Radelich said.

Radelich and a small team have traveled across the country doing kind acts for others for the past two years through ARK, his nonprofit foundation.

Last Christmas, they helped an Indianapolis family after their house burned down by replacing all of the presents lost in the fire.

This summer, they'll launch their first huge coast-to-coast tour -- a 6,000-mile road trip called ARK Project Now . The tour will kick off in Indianapolis in early June.

But right now, ARK is asking for help. The foundation is in the running to win a $10,000 grant.

"KIND snacks has a competition called KIND Causes where they donate $10,000 to a nonprofit organization," Radelich said.

Radelich’s ARK Project Now is in second place. He hopes his fellow Hoosiers will show their kindness through their online votes.

"Just trying to get that extra push in our community to put us in first so we can fund this trip," Radelich said.

Voting wraps up at the end of April. Radelich will find out the results May 1. Click here to vote -- http://bit.ly/1lCMikc

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