Strangers rescue man from car sinking in retention pond

2 jump in to help while neighbors call 911

INDIANAPOLIS - A young man is alive after some strangers came to his rescue.

The drama played out on the city's west side Tuesday evening when a car plunged into a pond near the Sebring Court apartment complex.

Witness Rachel Ene told RTV6 her husband heard a loud splash, went outside to investigate and saw a car floating in the pond.

As neighbors called 911, Ene and another man jumped in and swam to the vehicle.

"I started hitting the passenger side window a few times, and the car was locked and he couldn't get the door open, the window was cracked but it wasn't breaking," Ene said. "Finally it broke, I grabbed his hand, he came out, and the other gentleman helped him swim to the shore."

Ene said the vehicle started sinking very fast, which is why they had to react so quickly.


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