Teen hero honored by local company

Siebert was gifted cash, prizes by community

FRANKFORT, Ind. - Local teen Kaleb Siebert was honored Friday afternoon by a Frankfort company  for his heroic actions earlier in the week.

Affordable Automotive Center puts together weekly prize packages for their Facebook fans, and this week, fans asked that the prize be given to Siebert for his heroic actions last Sunday.

Siebert saved his two younger siblings after a car collided with his family’s fan.

Siebert broke his collarbone in the impact, but somehow managed to loosen the seatbelts and carry the girls to safety. Within moments, the family's van was incinerated.

IMAGES: Kaleb Siebert Honored

The company was just happy to be able to put a smile on Siebert's face less than a week after the accident.

The prize package included numerous gift cards, gifts and even cash which had been donated by local businesses and fans of the company’s Facebook page.

“This young man deserves to be recognized as a hero in our eyes for stepping up to the plate in time of need and saving his siblings from a burning vehicle for which he has stated it was God’s will,” said Keith Gephart with Affordable Automotive Center.

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