Teens help clean up Kokomo bowling alley damaged by tornado

Owner hopes alley will reopen next week

KOKOMO, Ind. - A group of Kokomo teenagers came together to clean up the mess left behind by Sunday's tornado and to help get the balls rolling again at a local bowling alley.

The Kokomo Sport Bowl sustained significant damage after a tornado blew off part of the roof during Sunday’s storms. That sent insulation and debris onto the equipment and the lanes below.

Owner Gary Brown said he was counting his blessings and considering himself lucky that he didn’t get hit nearly as hard as those around him.

"I tell you what, we've had so much good help in here with all the high school bowlers and all our friends and family cleaning up, you know it's amazing what they've done," Brown said.

Since Sunday, employees, avid bowlers and local teens have spent time cleaning up the mess.

"We've had kids in here we don't even know. Like just come with their friends to help clean it up. These kids miss this place, they're here two or three days a week, they're just sad it's gone and they want to do anything they can do to get it back up and going again," employee Katie Reed said.

Brown expected to have power restored by noon on Wednesday and hoped to be back open for bowling in a week.

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