'Twins x 2' children, parents celebrate 1st birthday

Connor, Hope, Madison, Victoria healthy, happy

INDIANAPOLIS - One year later, they're all happy and healthy.

The "Twins X 2" children, who turn 1 in June, celebrated their birthday early Sunday, with smiles and plenty of cake to go around.

The children are the product of an unrelenting faith and true friendship between Misty and Brian Baker and Amber and Brian Pluckebaum.

The Bakers had been trying to have a child for 10 years, and Amber Pluckebaum agreed to be a surrogate, carrying their twins.

At the same time, Misty also became pregnant, also carrying twins.

A year later, Connor, Hope, Madison and Victoria are growing up fast. They're crawling, have teeth and eating solid foods.

"Today is a big celebration of a wonderful, big, crazy, happy year," Amber Pluckebaum said with a laugh.

The children got bags of presents and posed for professional pictures. "Happy Birthday" was sang to each child.

"Every time I see them, I say, 'It was worth it.' I'm so blessed and privileged to have been a part of it," Amber said. "I just want them to grow up big, strong, happy -- so close and in love with each other as siblings."

The Bakers, who had been living in Seattle for six years, are returning to Indiana.

"Of course, now that we have children, it just changes your perspective on things," Misty said. "We're so far away from family and dear friends, like Amber and Brian."

As the children smeared birthday cupcakes on themselves, Misty said she hopes they always know how much they are loved.

"Our desires as they grow older and they learn their story, that they never have a question that they were wanted and desired and they are so special and miracle babies," Misty said. "They are a gift to us and that we love them more than we ever could tell them."

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