WATCH: Father surprised at work by soldier son

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. - A longtime supervisor at a local casino was set up to be an unwitting star when his soldier son surprised him at work.

Mark Gooding's son, Devan, returned home to the Lawrenceburg area on Sunday. But before heading out to have fun with family and friends, he made a special trip to Hollywood Casino to surprise his father.

It had been two years since the father and son had last seen one another in person. Devon is stationed in Hawaii.

In a video shot by RTV6 sister station WCPO, you see Devan sitting with his back turned to his father, who is being told there's a problem that needs his immediate attention.

Then all you see is Mark’s smile.

“I was told there was a situation over here. Heard there was a card-counter going on,” the proud father said of the secret plan. “I was supposed to come out and run him down, and I get this card and it's my son's card.

“It was an awesome surprise… I’m ecstatic.”

As for Devan?

"I'm happy, happy to be home."

The Goodings are spending a week together before Devan has to report back for duty.

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