Woman's Facebook plea finds brother she's missed since childhood

DENVER - A woman who posted a Facebook plea for help to find the brother she hasn’t seen since they were kids, more than a dozen years ago, found him Wednesday night.

Julia Mauer, 24, posted a picture of herself holding a sign with information on her brother Tuesday evening.

After the post went viral, she found her brother, Isaiah Luke, 19, just 30 miles away.

"I've never felt this happy, this sort of fulfillment, and closure of the past in my entire life," a tearful Mauer told ABC News . "It's tears of joy. It's also a new beginning. I have part of my family back, I have part of myself back."

The two haven’t met in person yet, but they are friends on Facebook.

"He accepted my friend request on Facebook and I've been stalking him," Mauer said. "He's so handsome and he's so tall."

When she was younger, Mauer said her parents were abusive and Child Protective Services had to intervene. Mauer and her twin sister were separated from Isaiah and a younger sister.

Isaiah and the younger sister were put into foster care. They were later adopted, and that is when Mauer said she lost contact with Isaiah.

Now that Mauer has found Isaiah, she said her next step is to find her youngest sister.

Mauer is waiting until their youngest sister, Sarah, turns 18 to find her. "I don't want to step on their adoptive family's toes," Mauer explained of the significance of the number 18. "If I wait until they're an adult, they can decide if they want to have me in their lives."

Mauer said that she hopes her story will inspire others to start their search as well.

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