WWE wrestler Chris Masters uproots tree, saves mom from fire

LOS ANGELES - A WWE wrestler showed superhuman strength in rescuing his mom from her burning Los Angeles home.

Chris Masters, the 6-foot-4, 265-pound star whose real name is Chris Mordetzky, told ABC News he “bear-hugged” a 10-foot tree blocking a window to his mother’s room and pulled it out of the ground.

He then told police officers to break the windows, allowing him to pull his mother to safety.

The incident began when a neighbor locked himself and 57-year-old Diane Mordetzky inside her bedroom and barricaded the front door. When authorities tried to break in, he threatened to start a fire and then smoke came out from under the door.

That led Masters to take the heroic action.

“This was just me saving my mom’s life and probably the craziest day of my life and one of the scariest things I’ve ever been through,” Masters said.

Los Angeles police arrested the suspect.

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