How to get designer quality eyeglass frames for less

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If you wear contacts, then you know buying them is straight forward. You know the kind you wear, you get your yearly exam, and prices are pretty consistent wherever you go. You can save a little bit of money by going to Costo versus 1-800-contacts or Walmart, and you can buy half a year at a time.

When it comes to getting a good deal on glasses, it's a lot fuzzier.

High-end glasses sold at LensCrafters from brands like Prada can run well over $300 bucks just for frames.  Plus, there are so many different brands: Project Runway has an eyewear brand, MMA fighting brand Tapout sells glasses and many fashion designers have their own line.

If you want to go ultra-cheap, you can get frames and lenses online from sites like  for $7, but you're obviously not getting a top quality product.

Recently Warby Parker has been getting a lot of positive press for its simple approach to high-end eyewear. Almost all of the glasses on are $95, including lenses.  You can get prescription eye glasses or sunglasses, and they ship them free. 

To help you decide, they'll mail you 5 pairs at a time for you to try on at home for free.  You test out the options. And if you want, you can share the options online. 

There's a charitable component as well through their “buy a pair give a pair program.”

It's simple, seems pretty high quality, and there aren't any confusing pricing schemes



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