Indiana Cosmetology Could Be Deregulated

Lawmakers Debate Need For Licensing

An effort to streamline government could mean that the people who cut hair, do nails and take care of skin in Indiana don't need to be licensed.

There are laws that govern the cosmetology industry and boards that currently license employees, RTV6's Chris Proffitt reported.

If lawmakers pass a proposal currently on the table to make Indiana government smaller, anyone could cut hair or administer skin treatments without training.

A group of women RTV6 talked to Monday are about to become licensed estheticians after six months of training and $12,000 in tuition. They contend that dropping licensing requirements will be dangerous.

"You can kill someone if the procedure's not done correctly, if allergies are unknown, if you're just in the wrong hands," said India Darnell, an esthetician student.

John Halal, who owns a beauty school in Fishers and is past president of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, said he believes deregulation will destroy the industry and is a public safety issue.

"Even with training, there's a concern, but we minimize the risk when people are properly trained," he said.

About 66,000 people are licensed in Indiana and trained on the proper use and handling of harsh chemicals and preventing the spread of bacteria in salons and barber shops.

"At least you know with a licensed hair stylist that the person has been trained properly and that you'll leave the chair better than when you came in," said customer Chad Baker.

The law would also eliminate mandatory licensing for dietitians, private investigators and security guards. A public hearing is set for Friday.

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