Indiana Republicans Call For Federal Election Fraud Investigation

Indiana GOP Seeks Punishment For Allegedly Forged Obama Signatures

Indiana Republicans are calling for a federal investigation into whether President Barack Obama got on the ballot illegally here in 2008.

The GOP wants to know who was responsible for alleged forged signatures on Obama’s petitions and those for Hillary Clinton.

State Republican Chairman Eric Holcomb sent a letter Friday to U.S. Attorney for Northern Indiana David Capp asking to open an investigation and to punish anyone responsible for submitting fraudulent petitions, 6News' Norman Cox reported.

The request is based on newspaper articles in South Bend reporting that hundreds of names were forged on petitions to put Obama and Clinton on the primary ballot in 2008.

Holcomb said it wasn't his intent to try to remove Obama from office, but he wants to know who was responsible and send them to jail.

"What I want to know going forward is, what happened, who was involved, and what's the appropriate punishment for that crime," Holcomb said.

Indiana Democratic Chairman Dan Parker called the accusation an isolated incident.

"We want to know who committed this act, and we want that person held accountable," Parker said.

Holcomb said he isn't asking for a special prosecutor, even though Capp is an Obama appointee.

"I'm very respectful of the Department of Justice's mission and their ability to carry out this in a nonpartisan way," said Holcomb.

Secretary of State Charlie White issued a statement that he and his office will be on the lookout for any efforts to sidestep the rules by candidates hoping to run in the 2012 primary.

White himself is under indictment on seven felony charges, including voter fraud, in connection with his own race in 2010.

White’s trial is scheduled for January.

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