Indianapolis Getting Great Super Bowl PR So Far

Visitors Seem Impressed With City's Offerings

Indianapolis appears to be winning the public relations battle early on as thousands of visitors converge on the city for the Super Bowl.

Those on the coast may have a perception of Indianapolis as a sleepy city in flyover country in the Midwest, but perceptions are already changing, as evidenced by positive tweets and articles appearing as the week begins.

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ESPN's Adam Schefter, the foremost NFL reporter with nearly 1.3 million followers on Twitter, had great things to say about Indianapolis.

"A Super Bowl guarantee: Indianapolis will be a great host," Schefter tweeted on Sunday.

Schefter also had nice things to say about the welcome packet for Super Bowl visitors.

"Some Hoosier Hospitality: little welcome notes from little kids left in hotel room. Nice," Schefter tweeted.

Indianapolis officials have been intensely focused on ensuring visitors have a good time this week, and the city stands to gain a lot if things go well.

Not only is there a good chance the NFL will give Indianapolis another hosting gig down the road if the city performs well, but corporate executives from important cities on the East Coast may find Indianapolis a desirable city for business opportunities.

"Ask not what the Super Bowl can do for you, but what can you do for the Super Bowl when you're in this community. To me this isn't about the Colts, this is about Indianapolis, about Indiana," Jim Irsay told reporters Monday.

As referenced in a Forbes article describing Indianapolis in glowing terms, the city is no stranger to large sporting events, hosting the Indianapolis 500 every May and the NCAA Final Four every few years.

The compactness of the Super Bowl and associated activities was a big selling point, particularly for a cold weather city. Forbes noted the walk-ability of Indianapolis and that there are 150 restaurants within two miles of Lucas Oil Stadium.

"This is our 13th Super Bowl together in the years that we've been doing 'Mike and Mike,' and I think it's going to be terrific," said Mike Greenberg, of ESPN's "Mike and Mike". "One of the big advantages you have is convenience. Last year, we were in Dallas, and there were some events in Dallas, some in Fort Worth, some in Arlington."

Mayor Greg Ballard said he's pleased with the organization and execution of Indianapolis' Super Bowl plan so far.

"The comments have been overwhelmingly positive from people just very, very thrilled here in the city of Indianapolis," Ballard said. "In some ways, the city has already won."

The PR battle can shift on a dime, though, and while the start has been strong, Indianapolis has a lot of work to do between now and Super Bowl Sunday.

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