Former Richmond Hill homeowner talks recovery, relationship with explosion suspect

Jackson won't return to Richmond Hill

INDIANAPOLIS - A former Richmond Hill homeowner was close with one of the explosion suspects. She spoke with RTV6 about their relationship -- and why she can't return to Richmond Hill.

Abby Jackson said she has vivid memories of houses burning, people screaming for help and fire engine sirens screeching. The memories traumatized her family of six in November 2012.

She lived three houses down from the home that exploded and killed Dion and Jennifer Longworth.

"Every day, when I think of them, I can't even imagine. They were good wonderful people," Jackson said.

Jackson was shocked when she learned her neighbor Monserrate Shirley was among the three people arrested on murder and arson charges after the explosion.

"I felt so deceived as a friend, especially because I talked to her several times after the explosion -- how normal she reacted," Jackson said.

During their friendship, Jackson often had Shirley over for cookouts, traveled to Puerto Rico to meet Shirley’s family and the women spent time in each other’s homes.

"Her being a friend of mine, and the deceitfulness-- it's a stab in the heart," Jackson said. "I can't even look at that lot. I have a lot of memories in her house. We did together. I still have anger and frustration and I have to give to Lord, it’s too hard."

Jackson said she can’t return to Richmond Hill because it is too painful.

In her new home, she keeps the address marker from her old house, it represents where her family has been while they embark on a new beginning in a new neighborhood with a new outlook.

"I try to live for today, things are in much more perspective," Jackson said.

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