IPS Superintendent Discusses Plan To Overhaul District

Reform Group Advises IPS To Trim Spending

Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Eugene White discussed on Monday a plan to overhaul the district.

In a packed meeting at the Marion County Public Library, White encouraged IPS parents and teachers to focus on the positive.

In a report, education reform group The Mind Trust, recommended that IPS restructure its spending. White said the district is already taking steps to trim the budget.

"Because we're losing four schools this year, we're scheduled to cut another $40 million at IPS," White said.

The Mind Trust plan called for dramatic cuts to staffing within IPS administrative ranks, from about 500 positions down to 65, RTV6's Eboné Monet reported.

According to the report, making the cuts would allow the district to pay for special teachers, programs to attract new students and raise retention rates.

White said while the district has improved graduation rates and has plans for new schools and additional college prep programs, it has also lost students.

"I think we need to focus on fixing the problems so we can bring people back," parent Monica Bopp said.

Mind Trust CEO David Harris said that IPS making a few adjustments will be better for students in the future.

“It is clear that IPS and The Mind Trust have dramatically different visions for what needs to happen in the district to ensure every student has the chance to receive an excellent education," Harris said. "These differences provide an opportunity for the community to have a robust conversation about IPS' future. IPS proposes continuing many of the same strategies the district has tried over the years: adding magnet schools and programs, making a few administrative trims and offering a handful of schools limited autonomy. The Mind Trust believes we must fundamentally change how IPS operates if we are going to transform student results.”

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