Jury duty brings two people together in love

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - For most people, jury duty is just a bother, but in at least once case, it brought two people together in love.

Kathleen Hall and Bard Smith met at the train tracks just down L Street in Bakersfield, Calif., from the courthouse when they were stopped by a passing train on their way to jury duty. Riding their Harley Davidson motorcycles, they continued on to their respective appointments that day.

"Well, right when he sat down next to me (at jury duty), I started texting my daughter-in-law," said Kathleen Smith, "and (I) said, 'Oh my God, this good-looking guy just sat down next to me.'"

On Monday, they returned to that same spot to exchange their vows.

The whole wedding party also showed up, but in motorcycles. And since it was St. Patrick's Day, they also all wore green. 


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