13-year-old boy arrested at school for sexual assault of classmate

Student jailed on felony counts

INDIANAPOLIS - A 13-year-old boy has been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a classmate at a northeast Indianapolis alternative school.

Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) police said the boy forced himself up against a female classmate and then grabbed her buttocks during second period Monday at the Julian Coleman Alternative Education Center, also known as the Coleman Academy, on East 30th Street west of Keystone Avenue.

Police said the girl repeatedly told the boy to stop touching her, but the boy continued rubbing his groin against her while reaching into her shirt and bra three times and fondling her bare breasts.

The boy is then accused of grabbing the girl’s $200 cellphone and taking it, telling her that he would harm her if she told anyone of the encounter.

As police started to investigate the assault, at least one witness told officers he saw the entire incident.

The boy was booked on two felony counts of sexual battery, as well as one felony charge of theft, and a misdemeanor charge of intimidation.

The girl’s phone was recovered and returned to her, according to the arrest report filed in the case.

IPS released the following statement on the incident Wednesday morning:

"Our first priority is to ensure a safe learning environment for our students. In this situation, an IPS police officer was at the school and began investigating at the time the incident was reported. Students provided excellent information, which led to a quick arrest. We are proud of their courage to cooperate with school officials. The student involved with be held accountable for his actions and subjected to the district behavior policy."

It's not yet known what punishment the school will place upon the boy as far as suspension or expulsion.

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