13-year-old filmmaker from Carmel premieres 7th film

Luke Broyles is youngest to show at Heartland

CARMEL, Ind. - Luke Broyles, 13, of Carmel, just premiered his seventh film at The Orchard School on Saturday.

Broyles is the producer, director, writer and editor of the science-fiction film called “The Creature”.

“Makes me feel really excited to like see everything come together,” Broyles said. “It is about a family trying to escape an alien invasion and they have to get to a safer place.”

Broyles is in 7th grade at Creekside Middle School in Carmel.

He spent two years working on the film, and he used more than 60 actors to make the film.

“He has had such a clear vision from the start of what he wants the whole film experience to be, it’s not all about him doing movies, it’s about his relationship with the actors,” said mother Donna Broyles.

His company is called Luke Productions , and the young filmmaker is earning awards and accolades around the country.

His documentary about life in a small African village called “G” caught the eye of filmmakers everywhere.

It has been screened all over the country, including the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis.

“Actually, I am the youngest to be shown there, but I didn’t win an award. (I’m) too young, because it’s high school and up,” Broyles said.

Broyles is already working on his next movie, but he is keeping all other details about the film a secret.

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