Officials investigate two separate cases of inappropriate pictures at Indian Creek High School

One student arrested, another student suspended

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. - Indian Creek High School officials said one male student was arrested and another was suspended after they allegedly sent inappropriate pictures to females in unrelated cases.

The first incident was reported to school officials on Dec. 11. Officials said a 17-year-old male senior sent an inappropriate picture to a 17-year-old female junior.

The student was suspended and is waiting to find out if he will be expelled. Trafalgar police are investigating and determining if charges will be filed.

In a separate incident, school officials said a 15-year-old male freshman has been arrested after he sent inappropriate images to a girl's phone and asked for reciprocation from her.

Officials said a 17-year-old girl's mother came to the school's principal this week, saying her daughter had been receiving nude photos of another person. The mom also said her daughter had been urged to send naked photos of herself to a 15-year-old boy.

Officials said the male student was using an alias and was not revealing his true identity to the female.

School officials and the police traced the photos to the 15-year-old, who was then arrested by Trafalgar police.

He will face juvenile charges in Johnson County.

He also faces expulsion from the school and is currently suspended.

RTV6 does not identify juveniles in criminal cases unless they are tried in court as adults.

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