15-year-old suspected in deadly crime spree to be tried in adult court

Shooting victim thrilled about ruling

INDIANAPOLIS - A 15-year-old suspect in a deadly February crime spree will be tried in adult court, according to a judge's ruling released Friday.

Gabriel Edwards, 15, and Sirquain Burr, 17, were arrested Feb. 13 after the younger teen crashed at 56th Street and Northfield Drive in Brownsburg at the end of a chase, the final act of a day of robbing and shooting, police said.

The teens are accused of killing John Yingling in the driveway of his home on Indianapolis' south side and shooting Rex Souter, who was walking his dog in a neighborhood, before the chase.

"If it was just a couple pot shots from the car, it would be a different story maybe in my mind. But the fact that they turned the vehicle around in a screeching circle and came flying in my neighborhood after me and take some more shots which they did, I mean, that's just like you're trying to find the person and wipe them out," Souter said.

Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson got the ruling she wanted when Judge Marilyn Moores moved the charges against Edwards to adult court.

"We've alleged that with one crime happening after the other that they were serious enough for the safety of the community. They should be treated as adults," Robinson said.

The judge ruled that the juvenile system was not appropriate for Edwards because he would be released by the time he turns 21.

"Given the heinous nature of these offenses -- we're dealing with murder, attempted murder, A felony robbery, B felony robbery -- this was a crime spree," Deputy Prosecutor Peter Haughan told RTV6 in February. "This was a situation where people out in the public were put at risk, in danger. He's beyond the rehabilitation of the juvenile justice system."

Court documents said Edwards has had a significant marijuana-abuse history since the age of 10 and he reads at a third grade level.

The documents also said that Edwards does not suffer from any major mental health issues.

Souter said he would like to see the suspects in prison for the rest of their lives.

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