2 former clerk-treasurers asked to repay $18K after audit finds unnecessary expenses

Joni Pearson, Carol Short cited

WINDFALL, Ind. - Two former clerk-treasurers for the Town of Windfall in Tipton County are being asked to repay $18,548.50.

In an audit just released by the State Board of Accounts, Joni Pearson and Carol Short were cited for racking up unnecessary expenses on taxpayer dime.

Auditors criticized both former clerk treasurers for not paying claims and remitting taxes on time, which resulted in thousands of dollars in late fees and interest.

Short was also cited for overpaying herself by $1,167.

The State Board of Accounts said the town's financial records were in such disarray, the State of Indiana spent an additional $9,080.50 in additional audit costs.

The audit was forwarded to the Tipton County prosecutor who told RTV6 an Indiana State Police detective is conducting an investigation.

"I have a meeting with him next week," said Jay Rich, Tipton County Prosecutor.

Court records show Pearson and Short are not facing criminal charges.

The report was also sent to the office of the attorney general, who can pursue civil action and seek to recoup the money on behalf of taxpayers. 

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