2 hotel workers charged after guest's iPad sold on Craigslist

Man claimed money needed to pay bill

INDIANAPOLIS - Felony charges have been lodged against two workers at a downtown hotel after police said they sold a guest's iPad Mini on Craigslist.

The Call 6 Investigators first reported on Jan 24 that a patron at Omni Hotel off South Illinois St. reported her iPad missing from her room.

An Indianapolis woman then told police she answered an ad on Craigslist, but quickly became suspicious because the seller was wearing an Omni Hotel uniform. She contacted the hotel and police were called.

Felony theft charges have been filed against Myron Jackson, 25, and Talia Keys, 24, both of Indianapolis.

Police said Keys was the maid responsible for cleaning the victim's room, but she told officers that her colleague entered the room to talk to her while she was working. She told detectives he must have stolen the iPad during that conversation, but she claimed she did not know it at the time.

In their probable cause affidavit filed with the criminal charges, prosecutors said that Jackson admitted that he posted the ad on Craigslist that resulted in the hotel guest's iPad being sold.

Police said the ad was short: "I have a black iPad mini for sale for 300 or best offer   Call (phone number)  Myron    need gone today need to pay a bill."

The Indianapolis woman who responded to the ad ended up meeting both Jackson and Keys at a restaurant just a few blocks from the hotel.

Jackson told police he quit his job at the Omni shortly before coming in to be interrogated for this case.

The general manager of the Omni Hotel did not respond to a request for comment from the Call 6 Investigators, so it was unclear whether Keys remained on the job.

Keys admitted to police that she drove her colleague to the meeting where the iPad was sold, but she claimed she thought she was only taking her colleague for a bite to eat. She denied knowing that he was selling a stolen iPad at the time.

Police wrote in their probable cause affidavit that Jackson told the Craigslist buyer that his mother had gotten the iPad as a gift from his stepfather. However, the woman who bought the iPad quickly turned it over to the police and officers confirmed it was the device that was stolen from the hotel guest.

Both suspects are scheduled for court appearances in the coming weeks. Court records show Jackson has a 2007  conviction for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, while Keys had been arrested in 2010 on domestic battery charges. Police released their mug shots this week from those prior arrests.

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