200 IBEW volunteers string up Circle of Lights for 50th anniversary

Workers put up 4,784 lights Saturday

INDIANAPOLIS - About 200 union electricians from IBEW Local 481 spent Saturday morning stringing 4,784 lights, six miles of electrical wire and more than two miles of garland on Monument Circle for the 50th anniversary of Circle of Lights.

"You know after 50 years we've now got this down to a science," said Sean Seyferth, with Local 481.

They take the lights out of the barrels and then do their thing, stringing 52 garland strands as the centerpiece for the circle of lights.

"At 180-degree intervals, we raise the lights on a counter-clockwise positioning," Seyferth said.

A hundred thousand people will see the lighting Nov. 23, but one guy got to see how it all comes together.

"Yeah for all the years that I've lived here I've never been down and seen them stringing the lights, so it's kind of neat that we were just down here anyways and got to check it out," said Indianapolis resident Jon Guimont.

The IBEW workers set up the Circle of Lights as volunteers, but Seyferth said they get a big payoff.

"It's a holiday tradition for us and our membership, and we just love giving back to the community and being a part of this," Seyferth said.

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