211 systems serve as Indiana resident help line

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - A study by the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs shows that in much of Indiana, public officials aren't aware their counties have 211 systems in which callers can find social services for help.

The Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations surveyed nearly more than 1,000 local government officials, including mayors, county auditors, council members, school board members and township trustees. When the commission asked them if their county had a 211 system, 82 percent of those who said "no" were in counties that did, in fact, have one.

IU's Center on Philanthropy researcher Kristen Gronbjerg tells The Journal GazetteĀ the survey results tell her a valuable resource might be going unused.

Today, all 92 Indiana counties have 211, administered by the nonprofit Indiana 211 Partnership.

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