3 dogs illegally abandoned at Humane Society shelter in past week

Abandoning animals illegal in Marion County

INDIANAPOLIS - Three dogs were abandoned in three separate incidents at the Humane Society of Indianapolis property in the past week.

One dog was left in the shelter's yard after dark, another was left in a crate at a door and the third was let out of a car into the shelter's parking lot as her owner drove away, Humane Society officials said.

Abandoning animals is illegal in Marion County, but shelter staff said they're more concerned about the animals' safety than anything else.

"The public can face fines of $200 or more for abandoning an animal, but the safety of the animals is what is of most concern for shelter staff, especially heading into winter," said Christine Jeschke, IndyHumane COO.

Jeschke said surveillance cameras caught the abandonments on tape.

"Surveillance video captures all activity on shelter property," she said.

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control recently installed security cameras on their property as well.

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