3 workers at facility on Indianapolis' east side after patient left outside in cold

Police investigating incident

INDIANAPOLIS - Three workers have been fired from an east Indianapolis personal care home, after police were told that a disabled patient was intentionally locked out of the facility in the cold with no shirt for  a period of time.

The care home in the 1200 block of North Bolton, near Emerson Avenue and 10th Street, is operated by a Louisville company ResCare Indiana Residential Services .

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were notified by the company over the weekend that it had fired the three workers, prompting officers to take their names and details for an abuse/neglect investigation.

According to the police report, neighbors reported seeing a 47-year-old male patient, who appeared to be locked out of the facility with no shirt on. The report said staff refused to allow him back into the home. Police titled their report “abuse/neglect of a dependent,” which could begin the process for criminal charges against  the three workers.

Rescare spokeswoman Nel Taylor issued a statement reading,

“As soon as we received the report, we immediately took action to ensure the individual was safe, called the police to report the incident and also reported it to Adult Protective Services.

"ResCare has a zero tolerance policy against any real or perceived form of abuse, neglect or exploitation. All ResCare employees are trained in the appropriate care of the people they serve. 

"We are very appreciative of the quick action by the neighbors, which allowed us to address the situation immediately.”

The 46-year-old patient’s sister told Call 6 Investigators she was troubled by the delay in being notified by ResCare personnel.

“I’m glad neighbors stepped in, yes. I’m really glad. I’m outraged. I’m just outraged with the whole thing,” said Angie Biggs, who said her mentally disabled brother has been a client at the facility for four years.

“He had to be scared. I’m sure it was devastating for him,” she said, adding that she was told that the neighbor who reported the incident to ResCare actually photographed her brother when he was shirtless and locked out of the home.

Biggs said she is constantly struggling to find help for her brother, but she said anyone who needs help for a mentally disabled relative typically has their concerns fall on deaf ears.  

She said her brother has been arrested after scuffles with other clients at the facility, including his most recent arrest days after the police report was filed on his being locked out of the facility.

ResCare declined to reveal how many clients are being served at the facility or what types of treatments are offered there. 

The company also declined to say how long the three terminated employees had been with the company, citing its own privacy policies and legal concerns.

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