4 teens charged in Westfield mailbox works bombs explosions

Police: Materials bought at Walmart

WESTFIELD, Ind. - Four teens have been charged in connection with a string of mailbox explosions in Westfield.

In the past month, at least five so-called works bombs, made by combining household cleaners and aluminum foil in two-liter plastic bottles, have been detonated, causing property damage. No injuries were reported.

On Jan. 18, an off-duty Sheridan police officer spotted several men buying the ingredients needed to make the devices at an area Walmart.

After hearing about the damage, he called Westfield police, who then pulled the security camera footage from the store and identified four men and one juvenile.

Maxwell R. Jackson, Zachary A. Loftalian, Grant J. Plummer and John R. Rogers, all 18, have each been charged with five counts of using an overpressure device and five counts of criminal mischief, all misdemeanors.

No information was provided about the juvenile or the charges he may face.

All four of the 18-year-olds were issued a summons to appear in count Feb. 20.

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