5 landscaping tips to help your home stay dry

Landscaper offers 5 flood tips

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio - Erickson Landscaping and Construction owner Wayne Erickson has had his crews exceptionally busy this wet spring. Many of the jobs have been repairing extensively damaged wet basements.

But, flood prevention for many homeowners have been part of Erickson's landscaping designs. Raising soil levels for flower and shrub beds to keep Ohio's heavy downpours away from his clients' foundations is Erickson's first flood prevention tip.

Erickson's crew built many flood and draining winter road salt diverting beds for a customer on a property along Solon Road in Chagrin Falls last year.

"One of the first tips is to have raised beds in front of your house to divert the water in to a drain or curtain drain. That allows the water to flow away from your house," said Erickson.

Erickson said using the natural flow of a storm's water on one's property to work for them as a home owner, as opposed to against them and their basements, is paramount. A landscaping design utilized to change that flow may be necessary in many older constructed homes and properties.

"Along with having the raised beds is having a pathway for water to flow away from the house," said Erickson. "This way all the water shoots off the beds and into the lawn, around the home and into this home's natural path to a river."

Erickson said installing proper drains to catch heavily-flowing storm water is a must. With the Solon Rd. client's raised beds also came a long channel drain in front of the home's garage. Its drain pipes ran around the home below the raised beds to the river as well. The home's renovated lower levels have been dry even following the worst of this spring's storms.

"Using a $150 back-flow prevention valve from most homes to their city's storm sewer system is a must. It can save thousands of dollars in repairs from one of our many 500-year flood's storms," said Erickson.

"And remember to purchase back-flow insurance. It's not part of most flood damage insurance policies."

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