$500 million record Powerball lottery ticket drawing excites Hoosiers

What would you do with $500 million?

INDIANAPOLIS - Dreams of millions of dollars are dancing through the heads of those infected with Powerball fever.

The multi-state lottery jackpot for Wednesday's is the second-largest of all time at $500 million, up $75 million from the previously planned $425 million.

If there is a single winner and that person chooses the lump sum payment, the payout will be $327 million before taxes.

Commenters on the RTV6 Facebook wall said they have thought about what they would do if they won the big prize.

"(I would) call my hubby and tell him to give notice to his laboring job of 20 years," said commenter Karen Oldham-Kidd. "Then, the entire immediate family would all take a trip to a tropical location for a month or so, before making any sound financial decisions."

Some have concocted grand philanthropic plans, while others said they would take care of those close to them.

"(I would) pay off my mom's bills," said Alisha Brawley.

"(I would) be a secret Santa to families in need," said Ellia Ramirez.

"(I would) pass out $100 bills to random people at Walmart for the holidays," said Pam Dillow.

Others said they would stay under the radar.

"(I would) call an attorney and keep my mouth shut," said Rod Fogle.

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